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no bee



I peeked outside. I was
afraid; so, I put my quills
out to protect myself, like
my mother had taught me .
– Porcupette Finds a Family


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Vanita Oelschlager
Mike Blanc

Ages 4-8
44 Pages



Porcupette is a prickly story of abandonment and adoption. A baby porcupine (“porcupette”) loses her mother and, in her search, finds a mother bear with her cubs. The bears accept the newcomer, but after a while our porcupette rejects them. The story’s success hinges on how the bear family decides to deal with the anger and hurt inflicted by their ‘outsider.’


This book is an honest look at complex emotions as seen through a child’s eyes. Even though Porcupette is a children’s story, it should be read by parents, counselors, teachers, social workers, adoption agencies and clergy. This little porcupine tells a tale that sticks!


Ellen Kempf, MD
Medical Director, Oak Adoptive Health Center,
Akron Children’s Hospital
Fellow, American Academy of Pediatrics

Member of Section on Adoption and Foster Care
Mother of three adopted children



Attachment is one of the most important tasks to be mastered in the development of healthy emotional bonds between human beings. It develops early in life when young children are securely cared for by a nurturing parent figure. Individuals who have not established this critical emotional connection often experience permanent psychological and social challenges that affect them throughout their life time.


Porcupette explores the trials and tribulations often characteristic when a child experiences loss or abandonment from a parent. It suggests the complex emotions inherent in perceptions of abandonment and the process likely to develop when another caregiver reaches out to love and adopt the child within their own family. Porcupette gives voice to the fears, anger, and myths about the trauma of loss, yet gives rise to the path to help one accept the pain of the past and embrace the love offered in the present. A must read for all individuals who have experienced or counseled those who have dealt with adoption and parental loss.


Vincent DeGeorge, Ph.D.
Pediatric Psychiatry and Psychology,
Akron Children’s Hospital


dashPorcupette Finds a Family is suggested reading when the going gets tough by Baltimore's Child.

VanitaBooks will donate all net profits from this book to The Oak Adoptive Health Center at Akron Children’s
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